Abattoir (2016) – Forever destined to be at the top of this alphabetical list. Horror maven Darren Lynn Bousman brings an overwritten and under explored story of a maniacal cult leader who collects locales that have hosted tragedy and bloodshed in order to construct the pieces into one enormous haunted house. Intriguing and clever premise, poorly made film.   2/5

Alien Covenant (2017) – the sixth film proper of Ridley Scott’s horror-scifi opus brings in familiar territory of a group of interstellar colonists investigating a distress call on a nearby planet. They end up unleashing the wrath of a very familiar phallic beast and all hell breaks loose as Paradise devolves into Hell off Earth   3.5/5

 Among the Living (2014) – A trio of schoolboys find themselves at the mercy of a pair of deranged killers in this supremely violent French Extremism film. Think Alexandre Aja melding minds with Rob Zombie   3/5

Antiviral (2012) – In the future, obsessed individuals will pay to obtain the body fluid and microbes of ill celebrities, just to have a piece of the object of their affection. Brandon Cronenberg takes us along with the corrupt employee of a celebrity processing facility to discover just how far the depravity gene runs. Malcolm McDowell features. 3.5/5

Beyond the Gates (2016) – A cursed VCR board game leads two brothers down a path of demonic terror in this decent, 80’s retro fueled supernatural frightener.  3/5

Bodom (2016) aka Lake Bodom – A unique and unusual take on the classic teen slasher film with plenty of violence, twists and turns. Intriguing and interesting.  3.5/5 

A Cure for Wellness (2016) – Dane DeHaan checks into director Gore Verbinski’s nightmare treatment center for a fun filled weekend of dental torture, rape and chilling visuals. A mixed bag that falters in the face of its own excess.  2.5/5

Deathgasm (2015) – Aspiring Metalheads conjure forth a demon that proceeds to lay waste to their sleepy New Zealand town. Brutal Legend meets Evil Dead by way of old school Peter Jackson and VERY very fun! 4.5/5

Death Note (U.S., 2017) – The American remake of the popular J-horror saga. Light is a high school boy granted with the power to kill whomever he deems unworthy, a gift/curse from an enigmatic, shadowy Death God named Ryuk. With this indomitable power, will Light succumb to the dark of moral corruption? Allegedly not all that faithful to the series, but impresses with slick visuals and graphic violence.   3/5

The Disappointments Room (2016) – Boring and rather routine haunted house thriller that squanders some considerable off and on camera talent. Meh.   1.5/5

NEW Don’t Hang Up (2016)– Brief and decent little thriller involving a pair of Youtube prankers who crank call the wrong home. Elements of Saw, Unfriended, Joy Ride and Phone Booth in this tense yet slightly shallow film with unexpectedly violent and a nice, dark ending.  3/5

I am not a Serial Killer (2016) – A young man with sociopathic urges attempts to resist his impulse even as a series of killings descend upon his small, midwest town. A striking film that defies expectations with former child actor Max Records and legend Christopher Lloyd. 4/5

Indigenous (2014) – A viral video fueled creature feature involving your friend and ours, El Chupacabra, stalking a group of tourists lost in the Panamanian jungle.   3/5

It (2017) – The latest iteration of Stephen King’s horror epic crafts a definite and effective blend of humor, heart and pure red blooded horror. The Loser’s Club and the first chapter of their decades long war against Pennywise the Dancing Clown has never looked better. Come float with us… 4/5

Lights Out (2016) – David F. Sandberg’s debut feature. Rebecca reunites with her troubled mother Sophie, only to discover that she is being stalked by a parasitic shadow dwelling spirit that wishes to claim her Sophie as her own.     3/5

NEW Little Evil (2017) From the creator of Tucker & Dale vs Evil, Adam Scott is the step father of a child who is more than likely the Anti Christ. Evangeline Lilly and Sally Field co-star in this so-so horror-comedy with a few laughs and some good performances. 2.5/5

Man Vs. (2015) Easily described as “Survivorman vs Predator” yet if our famed “ugly motha” was replaced with a poorly rendered insectoid. Interesting premise with some potential, but an underwhelming film overall.    2/5

Sadako vs Kayako (2016) – J-horror crossover insanity as the curse inducing spirits of the Ringu/The Ring and Ju-On/The Grudge franchises appear together for the first time ever. Which curse is more powerful?   2.5/5

Spectral (2016) – A Netflix exclusive genre mash featuring the very Syfy friendly premise of Military vs Ghosts. Or is there more than something just that simple? An entertaining and exciting film with very slick effects.  3.5/5

Stung (2015)– Silly B movie in which Lance Henriksen and friends find themselves beset upon by mutant wasps that produce human incubated giant hybrids via their sting. EXACTLY what it sounds like.  3/5

Visions (2016) Decent genre-blend thriller about a potentially haunted vineyard and a young, pregnant woman seeking to escape a tragedy. Interesting twist, some big name stars, so-so scares. From the director of Saw 3D and Blumhouse productions.  2.5/5

The Wailing (2016) – A Korean shocker that presents with a horror beset upon a rural town. What is causing the rash of madness, violence and death? Does it have any connection to the recently arrived stranger?      4.5/5

 Welp (2014) AKA Cub – Decent Belgian horror featuring a troop of boy scouts running afoul of both a vicious feral child and the hidden death traps of a sadistic hunter. Misses a bit of potential but features some good child actors and gruesome Saw-esque booby traps.  3/5



NEW The Belko Experiment (2016) – review by The Blood Rose The considerable duo of Greg McLean (Wolf Creek, Rogue) and James Gunn (Slither, Super, Guardians of the Galaxy) combine to present what is essentially Battle Royale in a high rise office. Violent and intense, lacks the social commentary it seems to want to suggest. 3/5Review by Amanda Rosenblatt, The Blood Rose

Rings (2017) – review by The Blood Rose – The threequel to the Americanized franchise of the Ringu films featuring Johnny Galecki (Leonard of The Big Bang Theory) and Vincent D’Onofrio as a few of the latest victims of Samara’s curse. Slow moving with a solid musical score and some good visuals.   3/5   – Review by Amanda Rosenblatt, The Blood Rose