~Guest Story~  Ambrosial Spirits by The Lizard Queen, Araceli McMullin– A dark form waits above, crimson eyes transfixed on the woman that it has been waiting for its entire existence. What happens when a creature of shadow alights upon its chosen one and embraces the sweetest nectar yet? Our guest nightmare purveyor, the Lizard Queen imparts her own brand of sinister storytelling upon the annals of our candle lit halls.

The Autumn Child A short shot of seasonal spectral magic. On the night of frolic known as Halloween, a lone child embarks on a crusade to gather treats and spread the spirit of that most haunting time of year

Butterfingers (a prelude) – One of the One Hundred Cuts. A prelude to what may become a more extensive tale. A young family finds themselves beset by an apocalyptic weather event of the most malign…

Blackwoods – A hunter trapper finds himself lost in the yukon besieged and stalked by a former comrade who has succumbed to blood lust of the most foul. With only his journal to help maintain his sanity, our man must find his way home and warn his family of the encroaching cannibalistic madman.

Catching Up: A Dialogue – Two friends meet to discuss work over coffee. Nothing more, nothing less. Sounds perfectly civil, right?

Caught – Website exclusive. A parasitic being, faced with death, reflects on its latest host and the trials of an unspoken love that brought forth both the dreams and nightmares of its would-be victim.

Chocolate (presented by Death by 100 Cuts)  An extended version of one of the One Hundred Cuts. A legendary fairy tale figure finds herself ostracized for crimes that she claims she did not commit. Can she find a way to clear her name while peddling her roadside candy wares? It really is damn good chocolate…

Cold – One of the One Hundred Cuts. A very brief poetic sojourn into the frozen wastes where something ancient and hungry seeks the warmth that only we can provide.

Desperation – One of the One Hundred Cuts. Waking up in the cold, black and silence of a tomb unknown. Why are you here? Who put you here? To what lengths are you willing to go to escape….?

Ergot – One of the One Hundred Cuts. What happens when a starving family consumes tainted bread? Sweet meat, let’s eat….

Screenplay Excerpt: Fertile Ground – An Easter tale of dark fantasy (excerpt)

Filth to some, Glory to others – In a strange new world, an acolyte reflects within a holy chamber, pondering what is to become in the future. Ash rains down from a black sky and the world is coated in corrosion as the acolyte prepares for a pilgrimage to a holy site, one overlaid with a biomechanical land of altered flesh and gears.

Food for Thought A brief tale of a culinary specialist for a special place. Join them on their ideal morning in the fields, earning an honest days reward of a nice meal and contemplation of other culinary horizons yet to be explored…

For Cheese and Glory! A Tale of the Damned A lighter hearted supernatural tale presented “mainly just for fun.” A young outcast man on the British Isles conjures forth something dark. His actions find himself thrust into a contest that blurs the lines between a local athletic tradition and the very fate of humanity. Oh, and there’s cheese.

The Garden – A former botanical garden becomes the last bastion in the midst of a deadly epidemic. To a frantic refugee, the community of survivors represents safety and salvation.. at least until the ways of the community truly bloom to fruition.

Gashodokuro – Short poem. Watch the roads in the dark of night for these titans of bone are swifter and stealthier than they would seem…

The Here and Now A supernatural drama. One man attempts to deal with the aftermath of an event that tore his family apart…even as mysterious, disturbing middle-of-the-night phone calls plague his psyche and threaten his very sanity.

Homegrown –  A website exclusive. This is a tale of fantasy as a lonely farmer finds himself pondering his next move in the wake of his young daughter’s disappearance. He remembers the magical times spent with the unusual child and how she seemed to literally bring the world to life around her despite her aversions to the bright midday sun.

Kalte Nacht – Our Christmas tale for 2017, this one is a bit more light hearted, dare we say even silly. What happens when a rather untraditional Saint Nicholas departs on his gift giving tour with an ancient associate in tow? Why should he get all the glory when his counter point, the horned Child Snatcher just sits back and watches? What if HE were to give the gift giving a go? And what if the children he encounters are not as angelic as they appear to be…?

Leeds 13: Conception – Very brief poem, introduction to the concept for our first attempt at a full length novel. Connoisseurs of Americana folklore should be able to pinpoint the main premise…

Leeds 13: Sweet – An excerpt from our new novel, this time showcasing the sweeter and slightly more comedic side of the saga of Michelle Donovan and the Underborne. Offset from the darker part of our tale, enjoy how awkward it is when one not of this world decides to go grocery shopping…

Leeds 13: Sour – An excerpt from our novel-in-progress. Here we meet some other players in our tale of the Underborne and their kin. Witness what happens when a passerby stumbles upon someone not of this world, one who hungers for more than flesh.

Locus – A young man, embroiled in a new job, encounters a mysterious woman in an elevator. After their conveyance breaks, the pair must spend some awkward moments learning more about one another… and ultimately wishing they hadn’t…

Lost and Found A brief, flash fiction horror tale. A nameless man washes ashore on a desert island, isolated from the rest of the world. When he discovers a mysterious orb on the beach, he suddenly finds a purpose in life and declares himself “found” despite his deteriorating sanity and something moving beneath the sands..

Magnet – One of the One Hundred Cuts. All he wants to do is go bowling with his buddies. But for some reason, he finds his home constantly plagued by otherworldly beings. What’s a poor guy to do when his weekend is shot, his beer is getting warm and the nightmares keep on a-comin’?

Marrow – One of the One Hunded Cuts. A pair of dedicated parents teach their young child the skills he’ll need to survive the world beyond his home. Said techniques involve the flaying and removal of human organs making for a unique bonding experience to say the least.

Method – One of the One Hundred Cuts. How far would you go to land a role in a horror film? How far would you be willing to lose yourself in the role for the art of the craft?

Miasma Culled from the Correspondence from Grimwood Grove, we present an oddball body horror tale of two lifelong friends experiencing and adapting to a new world; a world full of aberrations and mutations and precisely how it affects the world around them and others.

Mischief Night (A Screenplay) – One of my earliest works, written back in 2012. This short screenplay involves a young woman who doesn’t quite respect the spirit of All Hallows. Will she change her tune when she is visited by a quintet of malicious children, all of whom intend to play tricks of the most eldritch and unsettling manner possible?

~Guest Story~ Momma by Amanda Rosenblatt Our Beloved Blood Rose brings her own sinful machinations to our parlor with this tale of a broken family and broken pottery that may hold something darker still…

~Guest Story~ Never Full by Amanda Rosenblatt – The second entry from the corrupted mind of our Blood Rose presents a most fashionable nightmare mortality tale. Have you ever seen something so extravagant, so lavish and lovely that you simply had to have it, no matter the cost? An accessory piece that you would die for? Witness how one slakes their desire for the most opulent fashion tastes in life, an appetite that is Never Full.

Out on the Waste – One man, attacked by a snake, carries his equally snakebit son through the harsh landscape of the Australian Outback seeking shelter and aid. But as the sun beats down upon his venom addled mind he begins to see things differently. If he does find help, will it be the kind he truly wants/needs?

Precious Gems (non-horror)  A First for the Collective as they graciously allow myself to break free ever so slightly from their crooked grasp and impart a sweet, sappy fantasy tale of a young girl with nothing to live for but who finds providence in the form of a majestic aquatic beast. Enjoy for nothing of this kind will likely ever appear on these pages again…

Questions for the HangMan – Brief, experimental form poem concerning one who pines for another. A tale of woe is to be had when one craves the caress of an individual who may or may not have already been executed for heinous crimes unknown..

Skin & Bones – A dark fantasy about a brewing rebellion, but one that lurks far closer than we would ever expect. What happens when our own body grows a curious sentience and decides it would rather be separate, its own entity aside from that which makes us whole? Observe the brewing revolution as Skin & Bones emancipate themselves from the tyranny of their human host and set upon their own grand adventure into the unknown.

Spicing it Up – A tale from the Land of the Rising Sun as two Japanese folklorical legends come together on a night on the town, eager to trade places and ply one another’s trade on the unsuspecting patrons of Tokyo’s most premiere gaming and cosplay district.

Stone Ripper One of the One Hundred Cuts. An old king from a dynasty long since fallen to the sands of time emerges anew, seeking to reestablish his dominance and kingdom to the modern world.

Summer’s Blood– One man encounters something unusual outside his home one stormy summer evening. The storm brings red rain which produces a most fascinating flower. After inspecting it, he finds himself and his very blood host to something new, bizarre… and hungry…

 Supermoon – One of the One Hundred Cuts. Those who worship the Norse Gods of old gather for a celestial event. Witness their celebration and what occurs to those who do not follow their ways.

Sweet and Warm– A mother and her young son prepare their family bakery for the forthcoming Dia de los Muertos celebration. But what cause for celebration could there be as the boy ingests an odd piece of candy and begins to fall victim to something ancient and angry

That Which Sees All – Embrace the pain and Respect the Ink. One young man encounters a mysterious parlor and receives his first tattoo. One should pay more attention to those who would imbue your flesh, stained for eternity. Who knows what lies within that ink and what nightmares and wonders it might impart upon your very skin…

They too, have teeth An old man journeys to an isolated island to seek a mysterious treasure. But it comes at a price, a task of arduous labor decreed by the mysterious inhabitants of the tiny parcel of land. What happens when his task is complete and he reaps his reward?

Twisted Tweets – An archived collection of original horror based tweets, collected and inspired by the #horrorprompt Twitter page. (Updated frequently)

Upon These Still Waters  A strange tale of a unending cycle featuring two inhuman lovers brought together and torn asunder by forces unknown. A gentle lake is the scene where we lay this tragedy and how much longer must they endure before they can finally end the bloodshed and torment that keeps them apart?

Vandals – A semi-true but-not-really tale of a loner in an upstairs apartment who encounters a vandal tagging the fence below his balcony. Do they pose any threat to his elderly downstairs neighbor? Just what exactly is that strange black mold growing on the fence?