Who are We? WE are The Collective. We are the Hive Mind. We are Legion.

We’re sure you’ve heard something like that before, yes? Basically we’re a collection of artists dabbling in the horror medium that have yet to find our firmest grasp in this world. One blood drenched tale at a time…

We consist primarily of our physical conduit, Brad Acevedo  as well as his wife Amanda Rosenblatt and any and all contributors who would be assimilated into our Hive, those who would support and contribute to the forthcoming literary horrors yet to be unleashed.

Our unwilling ambassador is a specimen named Brad Acevedo, a male host who conjures our words from the sun dappled dregs of Gulf Coast Florida. We use his mind as a tool to construct horror novels, as well as writing screenplays of any genre.

Prior to assimilation, he was the co-author of the Fan Guide to Destination Truth.

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To attempt to wrest control from us and commission a screenplay, novel or any other written work, Click Here

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer…

Stay tuned for more works to emerge from the depths..