Questions for the HangMan

HangMan, O HangMan,

What are you doing way up there? Are you waiting for a friend?

Perhaps that will set your heart on the mend.

Are you waiting for a wife, One who will fix your poor, strange life?

Are you waiting, perhaps, for God?

Why don’t you answer? At least you could nod…


HangMan, O HangMan,


Why do you look so very glum? Are you waiting for your mum?

Why do you look so very sad? Might you be looking for your dad?

I see now you look rather cross, Should I not ask you about your loss?


HangMan, O HangMan,


I’ll ask of you whatever I want, My freedom, to you, I will surely flaunt.

My poor, dear friend, have you gone soft? Stuck up there, in your quaint little loft.

I do not know why you won’t leave there, But I see the hatred in your cold stare.

I indulge you now to look upon me, Now what will you do if I set you free?


HangMan, O HangMan,


What would you do with those claws? Upon my flesh, would you flay raw?

What would you do with those teeth? Upon my life would you inflict grief?

What would you do if you came to join me? Upon my soul, would you set me free?


HangMan, O HangMan,


I hate to see you suffer so, to see your flesh pecked by the crows.

To see your life reduced to this, when the pain you can cause could bring so much bliss.

To see your soul held fast by these ropes, for I know that you have lost all hope.


HangMan, Dear HangMan


What are you doing way up there? Can you not see that I truly care?

Are you waiting for a friend? Here I am, we could be one until the end!



Why do you despise me so? Take me with you, please, I want to go!

Why do you stay there, up there in the breeze, When my life you could take with such swift ease



I know you are hungry, not just any food will do

It is my flesh you crave, of yours I do too.

So here I will wait, for you to descend, Forever your faithful and loving friend.

I have but one last question, I truly do.

I’ve got time to kill.

HangMan, do you?


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