Earthly remnants; ether bright haunt the roads this desolate night.

But ‘ware these bones, O gentle foal, rising high above; behomythic skull.

Titan corpses stalk and prowl, seeking unwary to disembowel,

For they lead lives of regret and sin and seek to fill the void within.

But why devour, these skeletal wastes?

By what decree do they slake their taste?

Perhaps not sinners, rather starving brood, withered away for lack of food.

Perished hopeless, alone, not a bite to nourish,

Post life find their own and here they flourish.

The bones of the starved join together, now as one

to raze this blighted land ’til the rise of the sun.

Desperate, constructed, colossal in size yet stealthy enough to catch one by surprise.

In the depths of the shade, they rattle and moan;

Heed this warning: look sharp for the titans of bone.

No sympathy, no remorse for their hunger, no tears.

For on these roads, this night, we have plenty to fear.

Traverse the mist

watch the shade

beware the shadows.


Lest your corpse join the gathering known as Gashodo.


The Collective implore you to learn more of these great phantoms and others of Asian mythology at

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