Words from the rest of the Hive..

At long last our words will not be the only ones that befall upon your presence as you peruse our realm…

The forthcoming review will be the first from a guest contributor, this in particular being a soul we are but in the process of consuming. To the Earthly realm she is known as Amanda Rosenblatt, wedded wife to our host body.

Upon assimilation, she will be known as the Blood Rose, a soul that delves between the thin line of beauty and blight.

Her host is not as privy to the world of Horror as ours and thus her appearances might be fleeting, mostly consigned to the landscape of PG13 or as she is want to declare, “horror for wimps.”

We welcome her contributions and The Collective might just pop in from time to time to offer our own callous form of commentary.

Our chamber is open to all who would submit to The Collective. We take all forms of writing be they reviews, commentary, articles or blurbs.

To submit any form of writing, contact our host Brad Acevedo via his Facebook page or Twitter

We anticipate what our Legionnaires have to present to us…

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