Death by 100 Cuts presents: Supermoon

Jeff and Lizbeth met at the same place where they had experienced their first time together: a public place. In the light of the brisk summer evening, they joined together once more surrounded by friends, family, community and strangers alike. The fountain leapt high in the air and they enjoyed imagining it was leaping specifically for them.

The moon was large this night, larger than it had ever been before. A perfect night. They couldn’t wait to see what effect it would have. Luna hung in the black, a plump amber fruit ripe for the harvest from Yggdrasil, the WorldTree.

They embraced and then they felt it happen. The familiar warmth, the tingling, the abject and carefree casting of inhibition. It began at the base of their spines and radiated upwards towards their skulls. But more so than before, the shift came upon them as a swift wind brushing away their humanity. The Community gathered for their coming together began to writhe as they too felt the beckoning of Fenrir, Skoll and Hati – deities they came to know as The Trinity Which Bays For Red. And they cried forth a wild chorus answering the siren song of their celestial brethren.

They burst forth in unison, their skins tearing from their bones and birthing beings better suited to appeasing their Kings. Around them, the uninitiated populating the public park – some toting binoculars or telescopes, eager for the majesty of the moon’s historic rise – witnessed the rise of something wholly different and terrifying to their unknowing minds. Their attempts to flee proved in futility and they stumbled over discarded lumps of flesh. The Community lay into them, rending their bodies raw and proving them unwilling donors to the Scarlet sirens. The fountain became red as they, in their newfound forms, bathed in the unkempt remains as they joyously celebrated the fact that they were eternally free of their ill gotten and weak skin-tombs.

And before the carnage and carnality, Jeff and Lizbeth joined in union, dedicated to their kind and their Trinity. They embraced in their newborn forms, matted fur and new found flesh nuzzling each other with devotion. The moon rose high and swiftly disappeared as the tomes had foretold. As their Kings devoured the night goddess, they knew the sun would never again rise but the two of them together would join under a Dark eternal as they welcomed the Ragnarok, the end times. Yet their Community would rise and they spread out in search of more, eager to celebrate the death of an era and the birth of a new beginning.

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