Hippity Hoppity..

We here in The Collective know the value of a good holiday. No matter what beliefs one might hold, holidays often represent a special day that is looked upon fondly in this mortal coil. It is with this mindset that our Legion wishes to impart the fondest greetings of Easter Sunday on all of our unassimilated friends and readers.

On this joyous day, we would like to direct you to seasonal horrors. Sadly the Spring holiday in question is quite lacking but we bring to mind..

  • Holidays“, a 2016 anthology film particularly the Easter segment for obvious reasons. This short film by Nicholas McCarthy is arguably the most effective tale in what amounts to a mixed bag of a film. Currently streaming on Netflix (as of April 2017)
  • A short story entitled “Death to the Easter Bunny!” by Alan Ryan. This 22 page tale is an interesting and rather graphic story of corrupted childhood and fantasy. We found it in a collection of horror tales entitled “Gallery of Horror” (Grant, Charles L. Gallery of Horror. New York, NY: Penguin Group, 1997. Print.) and recommend tracking it down.

And also to our valued Hive Mind we present a special bonus: an as of yet unseen and unpublished excerpt from a twisted holiday themed screenplay written by our ambassador some four years ago, several years before we assimilated him into our fold. You will find it in our brand new link above entitled “Original Fiction”. We will continue to add content as we impart our will upon Brad Acevedo.

Enjoy your day of festivities, friends. Please consume plenty of candy and glazed meat. A sluggish host is far easier to assimilate, after all.

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