You must have made a wrong turn… Surely you didn’t mean to venture into our cozy little abattoir? Well, as long as you’re here. Please – sit a spell.

Peruse our forthcoming content. Fix yourself a drink. Kick back – those are synthetic manticore fur pillows (we refuse to poach those magnificent beasts). If you’re patient, we will soon be there to regale you with story time. All in due time.

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We have such sights to show you…



  • Into the Deep from Jazz House Publications

Sink into the depths with us as we explore the horror and transmutation taking place on a windswept sub aquatic research station. What lurks within the ice? Find out with “The Infinite Black” and tales from other writers that prove fear exists fathoms deep where sunlight fears to shine. Available now 


  • Anomalies & Curiosities from Quill and Crow Publications

Witness the Unveiling of a new world of death, ash and avarice. We our proud of our new gothic horror tale to be featured among so many other talented writers. Enter Ashfall Hollow and a world of depraved medical horror here


  • KRAMPUS TALES released by Jazz House Publications

Click here to witness our tale of festive fear along with other talented purveyors of the red snow draped nightmare world.


  • Death by 100 Cuts

100 micro stories of horror and dark fantasy. Experience the descent here


  • Nothing to Fear: Eccentric Nightmares for an Eccentric World

Continue down the path with 20 brand new horror tales, wrapped around a sadistic little ongoing narrative package. Purchase here and preview four tales from the book on this link



  • Correspondence from Grimwood Grove

Click Here to break the seal and witness the callous correspondence between two lost souls in another collection of horrific short tales. Available on Amazon for physical paperback, digital download and Kindle Unlimited


  • Suffer the Children

Behold what occurs when our precious youth encounter festive nightmares untold in a terrifying trilogy of holiday tales with our Fourth release. Available in paperback, digital download and Kindle Unlimited Here